This is a book I got from an online Asian distro (YesAsia). It's a reprint of a mid-Seventies Hong Kong kung-fu comic called "Dragon Tiger Door." The strip is listed as "Oriental Heroes" in Hong Kong Comics which is a great resource.
This strip had been called "Little Rascals" and distributed as a comic book starting in 1970. In 1975 an Indecent Publication Law was passed banning explicit violence in comics. So the artist, Wong Yuk-Long, started up a daily newspaper that could run the strip since newspapers were not covered by the law. By the way, Wong Yuk-Long (aka Tony Wong) started Jademan Comics which was translated for US audiences for a brief golden age in the late eighties. This included an updated "Oriental Heroes," but was not quite as awesome as this older stuff (as memory serves). The latest incarnation of these characters (in English anyway) can be found in "Mega Dragon Tiger" published by ComicsOne.

Above is the cover.
Please note the subtle "Warning" wrapper informing you how in-your-face this book is.

Read from right to left. The bald dude just got his head beaten into the ground which explains that look on his face in the first panel. Note the restrictive layout due to it's origin as a newspaper strip. Hong Kong Comics reveals that originally they were full tabloid pages consisting of six freaky tiers!


This is the following page. The majority of the book is like this. Page after page of dudes beating the hell out of each other and motion lines out the Yin-Yang.


I thought this page was cool. One dude's got wild kicks and the other dude's got crazy palms. Let's go! More to be posted soon. Please also check out an older "Little Rascals" cover I posted here. More of that soon as well.

Here's a link to Hong Kong Comics by Wendy Siuyi Wong on amazon.
Also, I'd say dealing with YesAsia is comparable to amazon - I got this book super fast. Motion lines and everything. For these books, just do a search for Dragon Tiger Door.

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