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Tales to Demolish
by Eric Haven

I've always been a big fan of Haven's comics, since I first stumbled on "Angryman" and that Fantastic Four story in that Iconografix anthology. (It would be nice if those were reprinted in future TTDs?)

Anyways the first issue was too slight or underdeveloped. Might have gained from being packaged with a few more stories.

But Haven totally nails this issue (and the detail from the first issue on the billboard is a nice touch). Issue 2 is really funny, nicely drawn, and well told. It's called "I Killed Dan Clowes." Good storytelling--funny, accessible and economical but weird dreamlike details too. That seems to be Haven's aesthetic. And the cover actually fits the issue perfectly--you'll see.

It has a nice mix of comics insider jokes and jokes and weird twists that anyone can appreciate, and the awesomest God design I've seen in a while. Seeing God would be kind of like this, shocking and strange.

A perfect comic book. Order it from Sparkplug Comic Books.

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Tepid: Summer 2003
by John Hankiewicz

Hard to describe. I don't think I've read a comic this year as thrilling as far as formal effects, rhythm and sentences, though it hits some complex emotional chords too. It made me laugh a lot but it is not funny. I laughed because the sentences are so surprising and beautiful.

Longest Tepid (50 pages) yet. One story that builds up to a big finale, but it doesn't end all bombastic and stuff, more restrained and graceful. Seems like I've read a lot of comics lately that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and the end of this one is another. Really beautiful and devastating.

I have a lot of baseball in my past--the baseball details in this book gave me a personal kick and I can vouch for their left field poetry. (Though I think he got one line, about pitching, backwards). Lots of uniform fetishism and being berated poignantly by the coach. Maybe the best line: "Maybe you think when the team is dead, you'll be free to love."

Get it--email John. It's $4.00.

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Don't Leave Home
by Sara Edward-Corbett

Two simple stories. Format is there's an opening shot of the characters with short sentences describing how they relate to each other, then the story plays out quick and to the point, hitting all the right notes. Lots of replay value. I don't really like the way Dilworth is drawn, but it's not that big of a deal. Kind of works. Highly recommended, nice felt cover. I hope she keeps making comics.

PO Box 1589

A lof of this book is already online, but not really in order. Go here and click through Sara's column and you'll see most of it.