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29 - Ganges #5 Glenn Ganges is up all night.

Copacetic Comics (link)
and other fine stores.
Fantagraphics (link)

28 - Amazing Facts & Beyond! with Leon Beyond
Complete collection of Leon Beyond strips, 200+ pages, color pages, etc.
from me - $25.00
Also available from fine bookstores everywhere. published by Uncivilized Books (link)

27 - The Half Men
4 stories. from me - $4.00

26 - Gloriana Reprints Gloriana suite of stories, originally from Supermonster #14 and Or Else #2. from me - $25.00
Drawn and Quarterly (link)

25 - The Body of Work
4 stories. from me - $4.00

24 - Factual Healing
Collects Amazing Facts...and Beyond! strips by me and Dan Zettwoch. from me - $5.00
23 - Brain Dump
Collects Amazing Facts...and Beyond! strips by me and Dan Zettwoch. from me - $5.00
22 - Ganges #4
Glenn Ganges in: "Endless Night"
"Time Travelling II" etc.
from me - $8.00
Fantagraphics (link)

21 - Back That Fact Up
Collects Amazing Facts...and Beyond! strips by me and Dan Zettwoch. from me - $5.00
20 - The Wild Kingdom
"The Wild Kingdom" (earlier version appears in Or Else 4)
from me - $25.00
Drawn and Quarterly (link)
19 - Fact Parader Collects Amazing Facts...and Beyond! strips by me and Dan Zettwoch. from me - $5.00
s 18 - Ganges 3 Glenn Ganges in: "Mind and Body" and "Getting Things Done" from me - $8.00
Fantagraphics (link)

17 - Rumbling Chapter 2 Chapter 2 of "Rumbling." (Ch. 1 is in Or Else #5.) from me - $3.00
also see: WTD
s 16 - The Factoids of Life Collects Amazing Facts...and Beyond! strips by me, Ted May, and Dan Zettwoch.

from me - $5.00

15 - New Construction #2 Exhibition of thumbnails by me, Dan Zettwoch, Ted May.

from me - $3.00

14 - Fight or Run: Shadow of the Chopper Fight or Run? comic strips. from me - $4.00
Buenaventura Press
13 - Or Else #5 Glenn in: Rumbling (part 1), sentence diagramming, turtle visit, Q&A.

from me - $SOLD OUT
Drawn and Quarterly

12 - Ganges #2 Glenn Ganges in: Pulverize.

from me - $8.00
Fantagraphics (link)

11 - New Construction #1 B-sides, deleted scenes, odds and ends. from me - $2.00
Catastrophe Shop (link)
10 - Curses Hardcover collection of comics starring Glenn Ganges. currently out of print.
may be available online
if you Google around.

9 - Sermons #2 Doodles from church days. from me - $3.00
Catastrophe Shop (link)
8 - Or Else #4 Glenn Ganges in: The Wild Kingdom. see The Wild Kingdom
(book #20 above)
7 - Ganges #1 Glenn Ganges stories.

from me - $9.00

6 - Or Else #3 I stand up for Zen and others.

Currently out of print

5 - Or Else #2 Gloriana

Currently out of print, see kh.27.

4 - Untitled Ideas for titles. Currently out of print
3 - Or Else #1 These stories are now collected in kh.10: Curses.
Currently out of print, see kh.10.


2 - The Feathered Ogre:
Designs and Sketches
The Feathered Ogre: designs and sketches. from me $SOLD OUT
Catastrophe Shop (direct link)
1 - Sermons #1 Old church doodles (2001-02). from me -$1.00
Catastrophe Shop (direct link)
Anthologies with stories by me

Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror
"Call of Vegulu" written by Matt Thurber
Catastrophe Shop
  Kramers Ergot 7  "Balloon" Buenaventura Press (direct link)

Kramers Ergot 5

 "Jeepers Jacobs" (also in Curses)
Buenaventura Press (direct link) or Amazon (direct link)
  Drawn and Quarterly
Showcase #1
 3 Stories, also in Curses Drawn and Quarterly (direct link) or Amazon (direct link)
  Orchid  "Green Tea," also in Curses Sparkplug Comic Books (direct link)
  Bogus Dead  "With My Dear" written by Ted May
Catastrophe Shop (direct link) or Jerome Gaynor (direct link)
Magazine 1 and 3


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