Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Reading | Tortilla Flat

Mrs. May and I are currently reading this book, "Tortilla Flat" by Steinbeck. Well, it's an audio book so we are reading it with our ears. And it skips a lot so it's like our ears have dyslexia. Anyway, it's a really good read. I think it would make a great comic but I'm sure some transnational corporation owns it.
It's about a hobo who ends up inheriting two houses so he lives in one and rents the other one out to his hobo buddy. Then the buddy rents part of his house out to another hobo. And so on until the gang of renter-hoboes burns down the one house and the whole gang ends up living in one big Hoborarium.
I found a really great looking book jacket for the novel online so I decided to blog it.


Blogger Mardouie said...

I like that The Pirate's dog is called Senor Alex Thompson.
Can we change our cats name?

8:47 AM  

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